Fast and easy business credit lines.
End cash flow problems now.
No Factoring. No selling invoices.

Business credit lines

What is the Process for Obtaining a Business Line of Credit?


First you complete the online application. You can either complete the form online or you can print it out and fax or mail it to us.


Preliminary lender approvals take only 1 to 2 business days once the application is received.


We will contact you to let you know the terms of the approval. You will sign a fee agreement and we will invoice you for $1997 for the purchase of a shelf-corporation. (click here to read about shelf corporations and why the are necessary)


We will send you a brief list of items the lender has requested. You will send these items with a check for the $1997. This $1997 is fully REFUNDABLE in the unusual event the lender fails to close your loan after having issued a preliminary approval.


We will move the Shelf Corporation to your name, compile your documents with our paperwork and submit the final loan package to the lending entity.


The lender issues a final approval and forwards loan papers for your signature. 


You sign the paperwork and the lender issues a checkbook (and in some cases a credit line card).


Your transaction is now complete.


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